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“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”

Since 2003, I’ve been experimenting and developing my skills and processes. I find inspiration everywhere I look, and that inevitably filters down into my work. Reach out for additional info regarding my process.



A native to Utah, growing up in the Greater Salt Lake Area and living there most of her life. Later moved to Logan, Utah, Wyoming, and returning to Utah with her husband in Southwestern Utah located in St. George, Utah.

She always loved art and creating, she is mostly self-taught. As she got older, and her education was always including the art classes. She went back to get a higher education which she was able to get her Associates Degree in Illustration and Design. She was given the opportunity to design and manage design the team for a sock Manufacturer in Logan, Utah.

Rorie’s passion for art never wavered, and after moving a few time, her spark ignited once again. She took out the paints, practiced with different mediums, different techniques and took a chance. Doing what she loves and what makes her heart happy.

Her style is influenced by Georgia O’Keefe the influence of American Modernism. And the Contemporary style of Gerardo Labarca. Her interest of all mediums includes Watercolor, Acrylic, Oils, Pencil, Charcoal and Alcohol Ink. She has had the opportunity to teach using Alcohol Ink, Watercolor and Acrylic. Her goal is to have pieces for my first Galley Show.



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